Episode 36 - Black Millennial Christians feat. Gerry Fortilus


Being a millennial has it's challenges; add being a black Christian and it's a whole different story! This episode Nissi interviews Gerry Fortilus, founder of "What We Wear 2 Church" who is a youth ministry leader and black millennial Christian (12:35). We discuss what's unique about this generation of Christians, the challenges we face, and issues in the black church today.

Nissi also answers a question about feeling the need to constantly fix yourself (59:00), and has a special announcement at the end of the episode (1:04:30)!

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Gerry Fortilus the founder of What We Wear 2 Church       What We Wear 2 Church.Tumblr.com  What We Wear 2 Church THE APP:  Apple  &  Google Play

Gerry Fortilus the founder of What We Wear 2 Church 


What We Wear 2 Church.Tumblr.com
What We Wear 2 Church THE APP: Apple & Google Play


Episode 35 - Why You Have NOT Found Your Calling


In the words of Pastor Howard-John Wesley, "Daily you have to make a decision between doing what you are called to do, and doing what others expect you to do. Because people's expectations will add stress to your life, but God's calling adds fulfillment to your life."

You may not have found your calling because you are too busy listening to everyone else's expectations and not enough time listening to God. This is your wake up call beloved.

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Episode 34 - Adulting


How do I adult? This podcast episode we focus on that big question, as well as the questions that you sent in to me about being an adult. We talk about growing up in our faith, and also in our day to day lives. You don't wake up one day and suddenly feel like an adult. You're an adult when you realize that your success and your happiness are all in your hands.

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Episode 33- Where Your Real Friends At?

In this episode we talk about friendship; the good, the bad, the ugly. We discuss the difference between good and toxic friendships and I give some tips on how to make friends. Follow along this episode with the worksheet down below.

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Episode 31 - The Hunt for a Therapist

It's a jungle out there, and Nissi is here to help. This episode we discuss why the bible supports us taking care of our mental health with the assistance of mental health professionals, my experience with good and bad therapists, and I answer a question about dealing with depression in a relationship.

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Episode 28 - When Things Are Bad, Is God Still Good?


In church we know that when the pastor says "God is Good" we are supposed to say "All The time" Despite the fact that this is our automatic response, there are times when we struggle and wonder, is God really good? When things are hard? When people Die? When the world is in chaos? Lets have an open conversation about whether or not God is Good when things are bad.

In this episode, for Spiritual Care (07:50), we answer the question "When things are Bad is God Still Good?" In the Self Care section (30:30), we discuss talking to parents about mental health. And I answer a listener's question (40:30) about advice for getting closer to a significant other's parents. 

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Episode 27 - Your Big Sis Nissi Answers Your Questions


Hello Beloved! Welcome to a Special Episode of the Podcast!

This episode I answer questions written in by YOU! You sent in questions about life, love, and everything in between. In this episode we discuss disrespectful me, changing friendships, dealing with dark times, and dating a person who is bi.

Listen all the way to the end for information about a GIVEAWAY that I will be announcing the winner of in November!!

Episode 26 - Back to School, Back to Work


Hello Beloved. After a month of highs and lows, My Strength and My Shield is back with an episode about the transition from summer fun to fall work. Whether you're going back to school or need that extra push for work, this episode we talk about being motivated and organized for the next chapter in your life.  I also answer a question about how to deal with friends that you lose along the way. 

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Episode 25 - Spiritual, but Not Religious

More and more Christians are identifying as spiritual but not religious.  Living in a modern society, it can be difficult to see the purpose of living a life that many would consider to be antiquated. Can we exist in this day and age as spiritual but not religious, or does God call us to do more? You know the answer beloved :)

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Episode 24 - Saved and Depressed

Depression is something that almost every person has either gone through or will go through. so why is it that we still have such a hard time talking about it? In this episode we talk about Depression; the symptoms, how it affects people and how to help those who are going through it. I also answer some questions about the perfect timing for dating and choosing between career and a relationship.

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Episode 23 - Moving on From Past Mistakes

Hello Beloved! For this week's episode, we talk about moving on from past mistakes. We are often told to move on, but moving on is one of those things that are easier said that done. Here, we talk about why God tells us to move on, we discuss forgiveness and talk about how to actually move on. We also talk about how to deal with difficult parents and family, I answer how I personally move on, and share a story about a random conversation I had with my trainer!

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Episode 21 - Where Do I Begin My Walk?

Whether you are new to the faith, or a Christian with a new fire for the faith, a common question is where to begin? being a Christian can feel overwhelming with things we're supposed to do and not supposed to do. But when we focus on building a relationship with God, where to begin seems a lot more manageable

In this episode, we discuss where to begin with reading the bible, picking a Church and building a relationship with God. I also share some books I'm reading/on my reading list. Finally, I answer some negative messages I received on tumblr, and also a question about dealing with friends who don't seem to make time for you.

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This podcast features books written by Pastor J.S. Park. More information about Pastor J.S. Park may be found on his blog and his tumblr and his books may be purchased on Amazon.



Episode 20 - Are You Settling?

Life can pass us by when we go through the motions. It's important to take a moment to ask yourself: Am I happy? Am I living my best life? Am I settling? This episode we discuss what happens when we settle in life, and how to get out of that habit. We also discuss tips on being a mentor and being a person people turn to for advice. Finally, I answer questions about if you should take time off from dating to achieve goals, and how to not compare yourself to others.

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Episode 19: Angry as #$%!

The Bible calls us to be slow to anger and quick to forgive. But anger is also a natural reaction to things that cause us frustration. When we are angry, and when we yell, what we are trying to do  is make sense of a frustrating situation. In this episode we talk about the dangers of allowing anger to consume us and how to remove anger to see what God has for us.

This episode I discuss the ways anger affect our relationship with God, how to manage anger with mindfulness, and I answer a question about being a dark skinned black girl surrounded by black boys who only want to date light skinned/mixed/white girls.


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Episode 18- Getting to Know Our Savior

It's Holy Week! To make sure we end the week right, I wanted to put together an episode where we talk a lot about who Jesus Christ is and the place that He has in our spiritual growth. I want to challenge everyone who listens to this podcast to push themselves beyond being a Christian by title and to instead be a Christian by their actions and their relationship with God. To have a firm relationship with God we must know Jesus Christ. This episode intends to begin your journey into a deeper understanding of Christ, and a deeper relationship with God.

Episode 17 - Learning to Let Go

There is the old adage "let go and let God." But what does that mean? How do we let go and truly trust God? A wise pastor once said that the opposite of Trust is Control. Is it possible to gain more of a sense of peace in life by letting go and trusting God?

In this episode, we discuss the importance of letting go and how to trust God even when times are tough. We also discuss letting go as self care. Finally, I answer a question from a listener who struggles with letting go of an emotionally abusive relationship.

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