Episode 6 - The One About Being Addicted to Achievement

If you're anything like me, you have felt pressures from your parents, society and even yourself about the need to achieve. You may be a person who has been an over achiever since you were a child. Or you may be a person who has felt the need to catch up to your peers because you compare yourself to them. Regardless of how you found yourself in these positions, it seems as though more and more of us are crumbling under the pressure of doing more and achieving more, only to end up with titles, jobs, and degrees but feeling empty on the inside.

This week's podcast focuses on just that. Being an over achiever can be draining. You may find yourself exhausted because you're so used to working hard and achieving that you're not taking time to connect that work to your relationship with God and with something that makes your soul whole. As a result, we find ourselves busy, but not productive. 


The bible calls us to work, but that work must be balanced with the fact that we are called to be happy. God does not want us to define ourselves as over achievers if it causes us to worship achievement over worshipping God.

Figure out how to align your various responsibilities with your relationship with God. Take time to take care of yourself. Slow down and eliminate unnecessary responsibilities. Streamline your tasks so you're not left feeling empty and run down.

Below is the work sheet for this week's episode