Episode 5 - The One About Being Black and Tired

This episode of the podcast is one of the most honest and open conversations I have had to date. I have been in a place in my life where I feel so happy, and so content. But I am tired. I am tired of feeling the weight of being black in this country. Every single day, there is another name, another person who has lost their life due to gun violence. It cannot be called anything but racial genocide. The racism in the United States has been transformed into a beast where racist people have no problem attempting to silence the voice of the oppressed. They attempt to make black people feel like they are not justified in feeling upset and tired. They have the nerve to expect us to be silent and happy in a country that reminds us that our lives do not matter. 

In this episode, I encourage you to seek God, even in the frustration. Do not allow the pain of the world to be a source of separation between you and God. In your frustration, pray more, seek more. Ask God "why?" and intentionally wait for that answer. 

Below is the worksheet for the week. I include not only just the bible verses this week, but also links and resources for you to find different ways to deal with the oppression you may face. I speak from the perspective of a black woman. But truly, anything that you identify as that makes you marginalized is a burden that may make you feel tired. Find in this week's worksheet tips for self care as an activist, apps to put on your phone to prioritize self care, and an album suggestion.

Take care of yourself Beloved