Episode 4 - The One About The Things We Worship

As we continue with this season of transition from summer into fall, many of us are starting new jobs or semesters in school. We are focused and ready to give our all to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves. While it is good for us to focus on our goals and to live a life with purpose, many of us can relate to being so focused on other things that we allow ourselves to be distracted from our relationship with God. In that way, our passions become our weaknesses because we choose to allow them to separate us from God. You know that with God, anything is possible. With God, we are strong and powerful. Without God, we are weak and vulnerable. 

This week in the podcast, we explore the things that we worship; the obligations that we have that we allow to take priority over our relationship with God. We see that every time we choose another priority over God, that we serve two masters. I discuss that the things or people that we are passionate about, that we put first instead of God or that we are unable to say no to, become idols and worshipping things other than God leaves us weak.